Integrated Foam is Now Palziv North America

Louisburg, NC (August 2, 2010) – The global leader in PE Cross-Linked foam is expanding in North America. Integrated Foam and PXL Cross-Linked Foam will now operate in North America under the globally recognized Palziv brand. This is the final step in a decade-long plan to steadily increase Palziv’s commitment to the North American market.

Palziv North America, a subsidiary of Palziv LTD, will produce Cross-Linked continuous rolls and buns from polyethylene pellets for packaging, automotive, construction, insulation, toys, orthopedics and other products.

“Palziv’s strong presence in North America and the reach of our international Research and Development team will enhance Palziv’s global leadership position within the thermoplastic Cross-Linked foam industry,” said Gregory A. Brooker, Palziv Nort America president and CEO.

Headquarters for Palziv North America will be now be located in Louisburg, North Carolina, joining current facilities in Ohio and Canada. The Louisburg facility will serve the company’s North American, South American and Canadian markets. Palziv has manufacturing and distribution operations in Israel, Romania, Canada and Ohio.